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September 8 at Crane Park

Sadly, this meeting was canceled due to extreme heat. Next week promises to be cooler.

Here’s the Setlist for the day that we didn’t do:

John And Kathy 
1     I’ll Never Find Another You  (C)
2     It Ain’t Me Babe  (D)
3     I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For  (D)
4     Joy to the World (Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog)  (C)
5     King of the Road  (C)
6     Kiss an Angel Good Morning  (G)
7     Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door  (G)
8     Lean on Me  (F)        Practice your Carter pick, outside-inside
9     Leaving on a Jet Plane  (C)
10   Let It Be  (G)
11    Let Your Love Flow  (C)
12    Michael Row the Boat Ashore  (C)

1     Iko Iko   (F)
2     Act Naturally  (D)
3     Amazing Grace  (C)
4     At the Hop  (G)
5     Bad Moon Rising  (G)
6     Beautiful Sunday  (C)
7     Blue Moon  (C)
8     Blue Suede Shoes  (G)
9     From a Jack to a King  (C)
10   Waimanalo Blues  (G)
11    We’ll Sing in the Sunshine  (F)
12    You Are My Sunshine  (C)