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We Zoomed!

*** Notice: Our regular Zoom meetings have been discontinued. Our last Zoom meeting was Saturday, October 22, 2022.
The remainder of this page is being retained should there be a need to resume Zoom meetings in the future. ***

Our Zoom meetings were recorded and posted to YouTube. You can find links to each of them, sorted by date, on our Resources page

Sunshine Strummers is currently meeting once a month on the fourth Saturday at 10 AM Pacific time (1 PM Eastern / 1700 UTC ). Note that the 4th Saturday is not always the last Saturday of the month!

Join Zoom Meeting:

CLICK above underlined link to join the meeting starting approximately 10 AM Pacific time. If you click before the host has logged into Zoom you will be asked to wait for the host to let you into the meeting. The host frequently logs in 5 – 10 minutes early – this is a good time to socialize a bit before the meeting begins.

Come join us! This is a very friendly and supportive group and we strongly encourage newcomers – beginners and experienced players alike – from anywhere in the world. That’s right, we regularly have participants from all around the globe. Bring your ukulele, guitar, whatever, but have fun singing and/or strumming along with the leader. We look forward to meeting you!

Zoom hosts:
Kelly Darpinian, Betty Lodewyck, and Ron Lodewyck

Zoom leaders:
John Bartlett, Kathy Nish and Larry Burns

  • Music is available in a combined pdf file in the NEWS page meeting announcement and in the SONGS/ZOOM tab in the Navigation Bar, or individually in the SONGS archive.
  • You can join us on Zoom using your PC, Mac, laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • You may join us with your own audio and/or video on or off, if you prefer the privacy.
  • Use the Chat window on Zoom to commiserate with other participants, ask questions, comment on the song, etc.
  • Use Participant–>Rename to change your name as it is displayed
  • Change the VIEW anytime to show the gallery of participants or just the current speaker.

Sunshine Strummers Zoom Meetings are an offshoot of Turlock Sunshine Strummers which began as a way to continue our weekly meetings in the face of mandatory lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic.
We switched to an online Zoom format which allowed us to gather, play our instruments and sing along with a leader, albeit virtually. It proved to be popular and quickly attracted other participants from around the United States and globally. Even though Turlock Sunshine Strummers has been able to resume in-person weekly meetings in Turlock, California, the online format eliminates the need to drive to or otherwise attend an in-person meeting, and so, has remained a valuable option with a loyal following. Also, in recognition of the now global reach of our group, we dropped the Turlock part of the our name from our website and Zoom Meetings.

What is a Sunshine Strummers Zoom meeting like?
Our meetings typically run two hours, are live streamed to Facebook and recorded for later uploading to the Sunshine Strummers Channel on YouTube . Here’s a typical agenda:

Typical Zoom screen while leader is playing and singing

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