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2022 Group Photo

Ukulele fun and games 2022

Alex posing as Larry at our October 13 meeting in Crane Park
Lining up to get in to our first meeting back at the Carnegie!
Please observe Belia’s ukulele shirt. Hand-crafted by Belia herself! It’s de-lightful, it’s de-lovely!
Santa Visits TSS at the December 15th meeting.
JK Squared has become JK cubed with the addition of Greg, Jonathan and Dana.


Rusty is a regular on Thursday mornings and quite the ladies’ man about the park.
Another group of regular attendees on Thursday mornings.
Max guards the ukulele.
Molly approves the setlist

Thursday Practice at Crane Park – 9-1-2022

Thanks Jim for stitching together this panorama!
When you’re taking the photos, you’re never in the photos. Thanks Sandy for snapping this photo of the photo-takers today!
That’s a lotta ukes and happy faces! Plus a guitar.

August 25 at Crane Park

Prior Years

Dan and Kathy Murray, our founding members

Working On it…

2017 Modesto Gig


Working On it…

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