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Sept 24, 2022 on Zoom

We had a blast at the Folk Music Hootenanny on Zoom  today. Larry and John (Kathy wasn’t able to attend today) were spot on, as always and the open mics “folksy” and wonderful. Bob K did a lovely folk song written by his former college roommate, Pam and Bob D did the classic folk song “Lemon Tree”, and Larry performed “Greensleeves on his Native American Flute. Ron showed a brief multi-media presentation of Folk Music recollections.

You can review the Zoom meeting video archived to Facebook TURLOCKSUNSHINESTRUMMERS Group or the YouTube video here:
Saturday September 24, 2022 YouTube Video:

Note: I suggest you check the YouTube ‘Settings’ option on the bottom of the video window (looks like a gear wheel) and select the highest Quality (resolution) your device will support.  It looks best in 1080p High Definition.
Facebook Live streaming worked perfectly and we had a few join us there again today. So happy you could join us!
Our next monthly Zoom meeting will be Saturday October 22, 2022, which will feature a couple of John Prine songs and a couple of Halloween inspired tunes.