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October 6 at Crane Park

The weather was fine for our penultimate 2022 meeting at Crane Park and while the dog days of summer are past us this for this year, we continue to enjoy visits from our canine friends on Thursday mornings. This trio is are regulars.

These are the songs we performed:

John and Kathy
1     Old Hippie  (C)
2     Old Time Rock And Roll  (A)
3     On The cover Of The Rolling Stone  (G)
4     One toke Over The Line  (C)
5     Pancho And Lefty  (D)
6     Paradise  (D)
7     Peaceful Easy Feeling  (D)
8     People Get Ready  (C)
9     Promises  (G)
10   The Weight  (C)
11    Who’ll Stop The Rain  (C)
12    Rainbow Connection  (G)

1     Jambalaya  (F)
2     Happy Birthday  (F)
3     Grandma’s Feather Bed  (C)
4     Hello Mary Lou  (G)
5     I Am A Pilgrim  (G)
6     Rollin” In My Sweet Baby’s Arms  (G)
7     That’s Alright Mama  (D) Please Print And Add This song to your binder.
8     That’s The Hawaiian In Me  (G)
9     Turn, Turn, Turn  (C)
10    Why don’t You Love Me  (F)
11     You’ve got A Friend In Me  (C)
12     You Are My Sunshine  (C)